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Founded in 2010, PickMe is a boutique IT recruitment agency that prides itself on delivering solutions that meet our client’s needs, creating value and making a difference.  Low staff turnover has provided clients with the opportunity to build long-term relationships.  All our account managers are committed to ensuring that clients and candidates are well matched and offered a superior level of personalised service. We are passionate in the belief that recruitment is not just about placing candidates into roles. No two clients or candidates are the same.


Our account managers are committed to understanding our client’s ethos, mission, and values.  Our long-term relationships provide PickMe with an in-depth knowledge of how our client’s business operates and we are committed to assisting our client’s produce the key business results that they are responsible for.

Our core values

  • Discover excellence through service

  • Harness family & work/life balance

  • Create fun and a little weirdness

  • Forge a positive & collaborative team culture

  • Be nimble & agile for all our customers

  • Build open and honest relationships through communication



It is important to note the difference between Outsourcing and Offshoring:

  • Outsourcing. With "outsourcing" you sign a contract with another company to deliver a fixed business outcome on an arms length basis. It's up to them how they deliver it and whom they employ.  You have no managerial control and constant supplier tension over what is in-scope/out-of-scope and at what price.  

  • Offshoring. With "offshoring" you define the skills & experience, review CVs, choose the people to hire, they work dedicated to your business, you set daily tasks and manage delivery of outcomes.  They are your staff.  You have full managerial control.



We recommend Offshoring over Outsourcing.  You have much greater control and flexibility to meet your changing business circumstances.  The result: higher quality outcomes and a higher probability of long-term success.

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